Dark Conquest - Mac Everquest Guild



Our guild, Dark Conquest, is one of the first guilds on Everquest's Al'Kabor server for the Macintosh. Dark Conquest was commissioned on July 3rd, 2003. Dark Conquest is dedicated to the fun of the game in whatever aspect that may be. We are here, first and foremost, to enjoy the camaraderie of others (espirit de corps). If you have fun by soloing, group experience fighting, trade skills, questing, helping others learn, role playing, exploring, or raiding, then you've come to the right place.

Our guild is known for the assistance that we give others, the knowledge that we possess about different areas, the helpfulness that we can bestow, and the power that we amass. We strive to be the "Prestige Guild" on this server, and the actions that we do now will guide our paths for many days to come. There is a place for power-gamers and hardcore players in Dark Conquest, but don't misunderstand this as a guild that subscribes only to that. There is enough activity to keep everyone excited in Dark Conquest, including powerful raids, adventures, explorations, events, tradeskills, and more. We are not so self absorbed that we are oblivious to the plight of others.

Being a part of Dark Conquest is to be part of something special. Taking a moment to give a friend a rarely found item that they have been looking for. Fighting back to back with friends whom you trust. Leading a group of new adventurers into a place that you are familiar with and teaching them the ways of the land. Descending bravely into the dark depths of a dungeon to help a fallen comrade. Having a "virtual beer" with a buddy and talking about the mysteries of life as you prepare for the next battle. These and more are common events that the Dark Conquest family will encounter.

All races, deities and chosen professions are welcome in Dark Conquest.

If you are interested in joining Dark Conquest, please proceed to our Forums > Membership Information. We are particularly interested in members who:

* Express interest in helping others
* Not just looking for a way to level or gain money or loot
* Not intentionally behaving recklessly or immaturely, resulting in negative effects of others (mistakes are ok but intentionally harming others fun and being a pest and acting like a child are not)

We are currently requiring a minimum of level 20 for new members.

Please speak to any guild member or officer if you are interested in joining Dark Conquest.

Dark Conquest, in no way, wants to determine how people play or have fun, but there are a few guidelines set in place to ensure a stable and peaceful community.

* First and foremost, all guild members must abide by the rules that Sony has put in place in the game. Knowingly violating these rules shall be grounds for immediate dismissal. These rules include - kill stealing, using exploits, harassment, language (used in a derogatory manner). If you are unfamiliar with these rules, then see the website for a complete list.

* Honorable play is required. This consists of NOT kill stealing, trash talking, picking fights with other guilds, or making rude comments. This does not mean that we will not defend our actions if we believe that we were in the right.

* Players should use the /roleplay option instead of the /anon option so that the guild-tag can be seen. This does the same thing as /anon by hiding your level, race, and class but still leaves the guild-tag on.

* Helping others is essential to this game. NO ONE can go through this game and attempt to go to the most 'uber' areas without some help. Giving a little now at the lower levels, especially with newbie quests, will be greatly rewarding later as the assistance comes back to you when you need something.

* Guild members are expected to share information they discover regarding tradeskills, quests, hunting areas, places to camp, money-making areas, etc.

* New members will be considered as 'probationary' for the first month. This will give the new player time to ensure that Dark Conquest is the right place for them and for Dark Conquest guild members to determine if new player is right for the guild.

* If a conflict arises between two or more members of the guild, then a grievance officer or if necessary a guild officer should be called upon to give insight on the situation. If the officer is unable to provide a solution to the problem at hand then the guild leader should be made aware of the situation to make a decision.

* Removal of players from the guild involuntarily will occur if the member consistently acts in a way that detriments the guild’s reputation, consistently acts in a childish way, etc. A warning will be given first, and if the behavior persists, then the officers will vote to remove the member from the guild.

* Removal of an officer from their position will occur if the officer is unable to maintain the duties set aside for them. This will be decided by a vote from the other existing officers.