Our guild, Dark Conquest, is one of the first guilds on Everquest's Al'Kabor server for the Macintosh. Dark Conquest was commissioned on July 3rd, 2003. We are dedicated to the fun of the game which can encompass many different aspects. Our primary goal is to enjoy the camaraderie of others (esprit de corps). Whether it's soloing, group experience fighting, trade skills, questing, helping others learn something new, or just role-playing your character you've come to the right place. Our secondary goal is progression through the game content with our increasingly skilled raid force. We are currently farming mobs up to Tier 8 and are engaging with Tier 9.

All races, deity and chosen profession are welcome in Dark Conquest. If you are looking to join Dark Conquest, please read our Guild Charter. Once you have read the charter and decided Dark Conquest is the guild for you, post an application on our message boards.


Hammer Time!

We flagged a few toons for the 7th Hammer and then took him down. We're back, baby!

The Seventh Hammer

Agnarr down!

DC resumes its PoP progression and meets Karana after defeating Agnarr.


DC conquers the Carprin cycle!

After a lengthy and grueling raid, DC gains access to the lower depths of Lxanvom.

Spectre of Corruption

And another one!

DC seemingly can't be stopped and kills Aerin`Dar just days after TT.


Two down!

DC takes another step in PoP progression by killing Terris Thule just days after the first Grummus kill.

Terris Thule

It has begun!

DC officially begins PoP progression by killing Grummus.


Aten Ha Ra!

DC defeats Aten Ha Ra, the final Vex Thal boss, thereby completing Luclin progression.

Aten Ha Ra

DC defeats mini AHR and Blob2!

AHR, here we come!

Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra

Va Xi Aten Ha Ra

Diabo Xi Va Temariel!

DC plants its final CotH bot and kills Diabo Xi Va Temariel.

Diabo Xi Va Temariel

Thall Va Kelun!

DC gets on the second floor and defeats Thall Va Kelun.

Thall Va Kelun


After a long and grueling crawl, DC reaches and defeats Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek, aka Blob1.

Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek

DC defeats Mujaki!

For Halloween, DC kills Mujaki the Devourer in his own graveyard.

Mujaki the Devourer

DC defeats Emperor Ssraeshza!

After years spent working toward it, DC kills Emperor Ssraeshza and gets into Vex Thal.

Vex Thal

Emperor Ssraeshza

DC defeats the High Priest of Ssraeshza!

After a few tries over the last couple of months, DC and friends defeat the High Priest of Ssraeshza. The emperor is getting worried...

High Priest of Ssraeshza

DC defeats the Burrower Parasite!

At long last, DC and friends defeat the Burrower Parasite. We also recently started to farm AoW again, as well as LIS, the Cursed Cycle, AL, XTC, etc.

The Burrower Parasite

DC gives Baraguj Szuul an indigestion and gains access to Saryrn's tower!

Saryrn's tower

Baraguj Szuul


Lord Inquisitor Seru falls to the blades, nukes, kicks, wedgies of DC!

Lord Inquisitor Seru

DC takes huge strides towards the Emperor

Emperor Attempt 1

With flawless crowd control and a very dead Blood, a trembling Emperor desperately seeks new security measures.

Emperor Attempt 2

DC kills Vyzh`dra the Cursed ... again, it's a trend!

Vyzh`dra the Cursed

AoW: attempt 1) 80% 2) 82% 3) 43% 4) Pwned!! amazing teamwork between the tanks and clerics ensured victory!


Raids, Raids, Raids!

To obtain some really nice equipment and have fun doing it we are looking at more and more places to go to and monsters to meet. Please see our Guild Forum and read the posts about some of the cool places we've been to and are going to!

See the Forum for more details.