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 Post subject: Lionvein - Application
PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:51 am 
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1) Character's Name

2) Class and level
Monk - level 51

3) Race

4) Alternate Character's Name (if applicable)
5) Alt's Class (if applicable)
6) Alt's Race (if applicable)

7) All guild affiliations (present and past)
Was a member of Vintage for about 6 months over a year ago as a lvl 55 Ranger with the same name. Made a lot of friends there, but left eqmac entirely at that point. Came back, rolled a pally with the same name then the monk... with the same name lmao...

8) Timezone

9) Usual time(s) online
Evenings, sometimes early on and sometimes around 8:30pm

10) A brief description of your reasons for wanting to join Dark Conquest, the members that you've talked to or adventured with, and any other information that you'd like to share.

Greetings DC. I am a 31 y/o man who is a father of two boys and resides in Indiana. I played about 4 yrs of EQ on the PC as a monk, spent a good deal of time Teir 1 and 2 of PoP. Played a few years on DAoC, EQ2 and WoW. Really enjoyed EQ2; however, the button mashing was a bit redic. My friend called me up and mentioned that he found a time-locked EQ game on the mac so I delved in.

I have been interested in DC for quite some time now. The players i've encountered have been quite cordial and knew how to play their class. The charter seems to be exactly what I am after and a few of the reasons are the history/lineage, its strength to accomplish/ raid, the welcome for folks who can do a bit of raiding but aren't hardcore (thats surely me) and organization. I'll raid whenever I can, always ready to help and will continue to progress my character each time i'm on. Lastly, expect an always respectful and respectable character. Thanks!
PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:07 pm 
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Please see me in game :)

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